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High School Development League

High School Development League


Legion FC is poised to introduce the High School Development League (HSDL), a transformative program designed to elevate our youth soccer training paradigm. This proposal outlines the strategic shift from traditional 11v11 recreational teams to a 7v7 format, leveraging a 9v9 field to enhance technical skills and tactical understanding. The HSDL will serve as a bridge between recreational play and high school competition, offering a focused curriculum that addresses the developmental needs of players aged U13-U18.


Rationale for Change

The HSDL initiative is predicated on the insight that smaller-sided games accelerate skill acquisition and decision-making. By reducing the number of players and playing area, participants are afforded increased ball contact, fostering technical proficiency and game intelligence. This environment is particularly conducive to mastering foundational soccer concepts, which are transferable to the full 11v11 format.


Program Structure

Training sessions will occur weekly, supplemented by two competitive matches. Each session will be meticulously crafted by our Select coaching staff, incorporating a Functional Movement Training (FMT) approach to optimize player development. The curriculum spans 12 weeks, bifurcated into two 6-week phases focusing on technical skills followed by tactical applications.


Logistical Overview

Training Venue: Legion FC facilities, accommodating 32 HSDL teams.
Schedule: Mondays, 6:00 PM - 7:15 PM.
Coaching: Select and Academy coaches, supported by volunteer team coaches.
Game Days: Saturdays at Perry location, with alternative Friday evening slots.


Strategic Benefits

The HSDL is not merely a league; it is a catalyst for growth. It promises to:

Enhance Player Development: By focusing on skill refinement in a controlled setting, players will be better prepared for high school-level competition.
Ease Coaching Burdens: The comprehensive structure reduces the planning responsibilities of volunteer coaches, allowing them to focus on player mentorship.
Foster Community Engagement: Collaboration with local programs reinforces Legion FC's commitment to regional soccer excellence.

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