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Adult Program

Adult Program

The cost to play is $90. Those who wish to play on multiple teams that are in different leagues may do so at an additional cost of $45. Each player can play on up to 2 TEAMS.  In addition you cannot play more than 2 divisions down from your highest team. Example: If you are on an “C” team the lowest you can play is on a “D” team.

Directions for registration:
  • During the registration you will be provided with a list of team names from the previous season, and options to add a team name if the team is new.
  • The multiple team discount is applied as the last step in the checkout process.


We will continue with the 8v8 system with varying competitive divisions as registration allows. Divisions may be expanded or combined depending on the number of teams that sign up.

C Division is a mix of players. It is competitive soccer and comprised of players that have been playing for a few years to many years.  The pace is faster than D and is more competitive.

D Division is the middle division.  It is designed for fun and exercise. There is a mix of players that have played through their lifetime and are looking to play at a lesser pace, and players that are newer to the game. The games are played at an easy pace, and while experience is not required to play in the league, it definitely helps.

E Division is meant for the older players that are looking to have fun and play with people their own age.

The season will consist of 8 games. Playoffs and championship games will be dependent upon time and field availability.



The Central Georgia Adult Soccer League was established December 1, 2007.  The league is part of Legion Futbol Club. The purpose of the league is to allow new and experienced players a safe and enjoyable environment to participate in what the world calls the "BEAUTIFUL GAME".  All players regardless of skill level are welcome.

We have two seasons per year, Winter Season runs December through February, and Summer Season June through August.

CGASL completed its first season March 1, 2008, with 131 players. There were originally two 7v7 Coed divisions divided into an upper and lower division complete with promotion and relegation when the league started.

The league now consists of multiple 8v8 divisions, all of which are co-ed. The divisions allow players to select the appropriate skill level and competitive play that they prefer.  The options range from a league for fun and exercise to highly skilled and competitive league.  More information about these divisions is contained on the League Information Page.

The 2013 summer league set a new record in registration with 500 players playing in 33 teams. The league continues to grow and with that, we are continually looking for new support and ideas to continue to promote growth. Please contact us with ideas and requests for more information.

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