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Academy Program

Academy Program

The Academy Program is designed focuses on developing soccer players in a fun, reward and competitive environment.  Players ages 8-12 years of age are eligible for this exciting program.


Legion FC Academy Goals
  • Create a Player Centric Environment
  • Create imaginative players vs. “robots”
  • Focus of curriculum on development of the player vs. development of the team
  • Competitive and fun
  • Players will train in 2 age group player pools- U10 and U12. Games will be played with appropriate level kids to ensure proper competitiveness.
What is Pool Training?
  • Pool training occurs when players train with like talent within their age groups, not a specific team.
  • Players train within this pool with teammates of like skill and athleticism. These groups can change throughout the season, although mass changes are unlikely
  • Players will train at same time and do same activities, but different groups within the player pool will continue to train together at their pace.
  • Creates Upward Mobility
  • By grouping the kids into pools, ability-based grouping within an age group takes place, therefore narrowing the developmental gap
  • The fluid movement of players between levels within a pool for training sessions and matches allows the coaching staff to individualize player development.

Academy Gameday

  •  Players are organized into Elite, Premier and Classic
  • Games will be based on skill of pool play to allow for more evenly matched play
  • U10 ideal numbers of players per team within the pool consist of 6 Field players + 1 GK + 3 subs= 10 players per team
  • U12 ideal numbers of players per team within the pool consist of 8 Field players + 1 GK + 4 subs= 13 players per team
  • All teams not in the GA Soccer league will be guaranteed 2 games when possible
  • Coaches will be present at all games unless there is a conflict

Trainer Expectations

  • Grow and develop young players on and off the field
  • Set a good example for your players
  • Challenge the players
  • Encourage the players
  • Develop the players
  • Listen to players
  • Create a safe and positive environment


Parent Expectations

  • Cheer, be positive, encourage, motivate
  • Get your player to the fields on time and pick them up on time
  • Stay in communication with your player
  • Stay in communication with coaches/team managers
  • Do not yell at Referees
  • Do not yell at opposing players
  • Do not yell at Parents- our parents or their parents
  • Do not shout out instructions unless it pertains to the topic in the curriculum.  This helps the player think for themselves and listen to their trainer.

Tournament- Preseason and Postseason (not included in registration costs)

  • All players are expected to go
  • Fees are tallied up through a set formula that all teams use
  • A lunch/dinner or event together as a team is recommended

Your player's team manager will contact to order Academy and Select uniforms.  Your player will need a unique team number and the Team Manager will contact you regarding available numbers. This process is handled through a team specific link through Soccer.com.  It is best to order your uniform at the earliest possible time as they take several weeks to arrive. The cost of a uniform is typically around $160 and includes two pairs of socks, shorts and jerseys.



Legion FC's U8-U12 Academy is an alternative competitive option to Recreational Soccer or our Soccer Development Academy.  The Academy program offers the opportunity for advanced development of the young soccer player.  Players dive deeper into topics than the traditional youth player at this age.

Academy soccer emphasizes the maximum development of individual skills and provides the opportunity to apply those skills in a competitive environment.  The Academy staff is focused on a player centric training curriculum to enhance an individual's technical skill level, while learning all positions on the field.  This is vital to the long term development of a player.

When a team wins 10-0 and the big fast kid up top scores 8 of the teams 10 goals, who is really developing?  If that kid is simply faster and bigger than everyone, is that player really developing in the correct way?  While that player may be a "star" now, if they do not learn proper technique and tactical play, they will quickly be surpassed as they get older.  Legion FC Academy's Program focuses on the long term growth of a player.  

While the vast majority of our Academy players play in the Fall and Spring, there are players who play winter sports.  

An Academy Festival is an event where clubs meet up and play 2 games versus other players from other clubs.  When scheduling these games, we do our best to put teams of like skill levels together.  Our festivals take place either at our complex in Warner Robins, or another club.  There are 5-6 festivals spread across the 16 week season.  

Tryouts for the Fall Academy teams will occur in May, per the US CLUB and US Youth Soccer calendar.  Players who move into the area late, will be able to join existing teams as long as they are not registered with another club, and there is space on a roster.  

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